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Texas Adoptions

    Tarrant County Adoptions

    Adopting is a beautiful way of forming a family. Not only are you adding to your family, but you’re also helping a child grow and thrive in a loving and safe environment. The adoption process, however, can be very complex. The best way to tackle this process is with the help of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney, such as Rashelle Fetty.

    Based in Colleyville, TX, The Fetty Firm helps clients through the ins and outs of the adoption process. Moreover, Rashelle has extensive knowledge of Texas, and its adoption laws, and can be of great help with:

    Keep in mind that adoptions require great deals of paperwork and come with strict rules and procedures. Any missteps along the way may result in your adoption being declared invalid. Nobody wants to endure this painful, heartbreaking conclusion to their dreams of adopting. Furthermore, here are some more tips for those thinking about adopting.

    Gather Information

    Just like any important matter, proper knowledge will go a long way in the success of your adopting endeavors. You should definitely research the adoption process through books, magazines, and other publications.

    You can also reach out to families who have gone through the process and may be able to help you. Moreover, read adoption blogs and get a diverse collection of opinions regarding the lengthy adoption process.

    Prepare for Adoptive Parenting

    Once you become familiar with the adoption process, you should next prepare yourself for life as an adoptive parent. Be aware of the common issues that sometimes arise in the psyche of a recently adoptive parent. Look out for these challenges that children:

    • Normative parenting practices
    • Emotional and mental development
    • Adoption related grief
    • Identity issues

    Child’s Background

    Knowing your child’s medical, genetic, and social history is also very important. It provides vital information that can help adoptive parents decide if they are the right match for the child. Just like anything else, every child has their own requirements when it comes to financial and emotional resources.

    The Fetty Firm is an experienced law firm in the state of Texas ready to help parents through the entire adoption process. For experienced and effective law services, contact us at (214) 546-5746. Additionally, visit our family law webpage for more information on our services.

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