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Tarrant county mediator

Zoom and Remote Mediation in Texas

Remote mediation & Drive-by mediation

Problem Solving

An experienced mediator should be an amazing problem solver.

Family Law Experience

Rashelle Fetty is Board Certified in Family Law. This means she has years and years of family law litigation experience

Remote Capabilties

Mediate from anywhere in Texas with Rashelle Fetty. She will work through your mediation on Zoom with an attention to detail that is unmatched.

Property Division Experience

Sometimes understanding community property, separate property, and spousal maintenance rules makes all the difference in a successful mediation.

Pro Se Mediation Experience

You and your soon-to-be former spouse have everything worked out, but the judge says you must mediate. Rashelle Fetty loves working with pro se parties for mediations.

Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery is the confiscation of assets or property allegedly acquired by the proceeds of a crime.

Why is mediation a good idea?

We believe mediation can help resolve the issues in a divorce or other family dispute. Generally speaking, mediation offers a number of advantages, including:

  • You and your spouse, along with your lawyers, may be able to create a settlement that is tailored specifically to each person’s needs. In litigation, a judge will be required to follow specific laws when deciding your case. In addition, the judge only knows the facts of your case, and not you as a person. In mediation, you, along with your spouse, can develop a plan that addresses every part of your divorce.
  • We have found that mediation, often provides greater peace and closure than does litigation.


Mediation reviews

What clients say

Rashelle was very neutral and professional.
Mediation client
The services were top-notch.
mediation client
Rashelle did a great of controlling the emotions of the situation. She was great at keeping the client focused on the goal.
Mediation attorney
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challenging mediation?

Have a challenging case? Rashelle Fetty can help you work out your problems.