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Child Custody

As parents, we all want what’s best for our children. Understandably, we are going to make every effort to give what we feel is best. That’s why child custody is one of the most challenging aspects of divorce.

The litigation process is extensive, lengthy, and quite frankly, difficult. Generally, it is best that you hire a family law attorney that has extensive knowledge of Texas child custody law.

Experienced Colleyville child custody lawyer Rashelle Fetty understands what you are going through. You want to make the best decision to ensure your child’s welfare. Rashelle Fetty and the Fetty Firm’s goal for each child custody case is to ensure that the rights of your child and your rights as a parent are protected.

Knowing your options

Rashelle Fetty will advise you of the types of custody that are available as your Colleyville child custody lawyer. She will explain each option thoroughly. In short, there are four custody options available: joint, sole, temporary, and split.

Joint Custody

Joint custody, which is the preference of many Texas courts, is where both parents are awarded custody of the child. Joint custody is further broken down into three types:

  • Joint legal custody, which means that both parents have the legal right to make decisions for the child.
  • Share physical custody, which is the event that the child has two legal residences.
  • Combination of joint legal and physical custody, in which determined by numerous factors. Please consult with Rashelle Fetty and the Fetty Firm for examples as to how this may work.

Sole Custody

Sole custody is when one parent has both legal and physical custody of the child. All decisions pertaining to upbringing, education, health care, and other matters rest with parent with full legal custody. The child lives full time with the parent who has physical custody of the child.

Temporary Custody

Temporary custody is often the first step of child custody litigation, and it refers to where the child will be residing at the start of the process. The court will decide based upon the child’s best interest. This is only a short-term arrangement.

Split Custody

This differs from the types of custody listed above and typically involves two or more children. The court may decide to award full physical custody of one or more children to one parent, however neither parent has full custody of all the children. This arrangement may be based on numerous factors, such as the child’s age, where the children wish to live, and other factors.

Child custody is a very complex process and to ensure that your child’s rights and your rights are protected, you must contact an experienced Colleyville child custody lawyer. Consult with The Fetty Firm today.



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