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Divorce Mediation Texas

    Divorce Mediation in Texas

    Experience matters when trying to traverse an already  emotionally draining process. Allow The Fetty Firm to help you with all your needs. Problem solving is important when trying to make all the issues come together in a family law mediation.

    Family mediation” means the mediation of disputes in actions for divorce, annulment, establishment of paternity, child custody or visitation, or child or spousal support.

    Mediation programs can be very beneficial to people who are divorcing as well as to those who have long been divorced but who find themselves in a dispute in their post-divorce relationship. Not only can it save money but it promotes positive dispute resolution rather than adversarial procedures. That being so, it is well worth investigating by any couple facing divorce, a child custody fight, a visitation dispute or other interpersonal conflict.

    Mediation is a process that may help you resolve your case so you can have an uncontested divorce. Mediation is particularly useful in situations involving children, since it is in the interests of the children that their parents “get along” even if they will no longer live together as husband and wife. In the State of Texas, all cases that involve contested custody or visitation matters are referred to mandatory mediation, provided the parties are represented by an attorney and there is no allegation of domestic abuse.

    Tarrant County Mediator

    Mediation attempts to change disputes from “win-lose” to “win-win.” Mediation is a non-adversarial process of helping people come to agreement on issues like parenting arrangements, support of children and spouses and division of real and personal property. Mediation occurs when a neutral third-party, who has training in dispute resolution, assists you and your spouse and helps you resolve the issues that are causing conflict and to make cooperative, informed decisions.

    Having an experienced Mediator is important. Allow Rashelle Fetty, Board Certified in Family Law, to guide your mediation needs. Let Rashelle Fetty take you from a “win-lose” situation to a “win-win.”

    Attorney Fetty specializes in  remaining neutral while helping you problem solve. Pro se divorces can definitely benefit from having an experienced attorney be the mediator. The years of experience that Rashelle Fetty can provide will allow you to problem solve most of your issues effectively.

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