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TX Probate Lawyer

Do you need a Colleyville TX Probate Lawyer to help you manage your deceased loved one’s assets? Call The Fetty Firm law office. The Fetty Firm handles probate cases. Rashelle Fetty can instruct you on how to best proceed. If your late loved one did not have a will, the probate process can take up to a year. In that time, his or her assets cannot be sold or distributed. Instead of trying to manage the probate case yourself, hire a qualified attorney to help you recover your loved one’s belongings.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to probate issues. Therefore, you would be wise to be wary of anyone offering advice on how to handle the case yourself. Instead, enlist the help of a family law attorney who has experience handling probate cases. You can explain your particular situation in more detail, and find legitimate help for your probate court case. Furthermore, when you hire a lawyer, you aren’t tasked with managing court dates by yourself. You’ll also have access to trustworthy information that you might have otherwise known about. Lastly, your family members will have more trust in the process and the outcome when an experienced attorney is by your side.

Now is the time to cherish the memory of your loved one. Don’t let complicated laws and court proceedings take away from the experienced you had when your loved one was still here. Going on without them by your side isn’t going to be easy, but with the help of The Fetty Firm, it doesn’t have to be so hard.

Colleyville TX Probate Lawyer

Colleyville TX Probate Lawyer

Why You Need A Colleyville TX Probate Lawyer

Even if the deceased had a will, you’ll likely need a probate lawyer. Every estate must go through probate. One difference between an estate with a will and one without is the time it takes to get through probate court. The process can take as long as a year, or as little as a few months, depending on several factors. Thus, even if your loved one clearly laid out their wishes in a finalized will, we recommend that you give The Fetty Firm a call. You’ll want to consider all of their assets, including non-probate assets such as accounts with a designated beneficiary.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that the will is indeed legal. A misstep or oversight in the will drafting process can comprise the integrity of the document. In that case, the will can be contested by someone who doubts its validity or doesn’t approve of its contents.

Also, you may want a probate lawyer to assist you with estate administration. An objective third-party can allocate the assets to the intended party. You wouldn’t want complicated or testy probate issues to cause conflicts within the family. A lawyer can make the process of acceptance and recovery after the death of a loved one a bit more manageable.

Colleyville TX Probate Lawyer

Colleyville TX Probate Lawyer certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization

Protect Your Assets With A Will

Though a will can’t keep your assets from being evaluated in probate court, it will highly increase the chances that your property will go where you want it to. In a will, you can designate who received what assets and under what conditions. At The Fetty Firm, you can draft a will that can stand up in court. If someone wants to contest your will for any reason, their chances of success greatly diminish when you have a solid, legally-binding document to protect your wishes.

In addition to wills, you can create other documents that outline your desired outcomes. In the event that you become incapacitated or pass away suddenly, these documents give directions to loved ones and medical professionals. Simply writing down your wishes or having a conversation with your loved ones doesn’t ensure that your wishes will be fulfilled. However, a legal document serves as a promise that you will get what you asks for, barring any legal regulations that supersede the documents.

Other Ways To Plan Your Estate

Other estate-planning documents include living wills, powers of attorney, designation of guardian, trusts, and more. Living wills outline medical instructions in the event that you become incapacitated. A designation of guardian document is drafted when a person wants to choose the caretaker for their minor child, or for themselves when they can no longer care for themselves.

A living trust is one document that can actually keep some of your assets out of probate court. A living trust transfers your assets to another person in the event that you pass away or can no longer make decisions for yourself. If you want to create a living trust that forgoes the probate court process, The Fetty Firm can help. Other trusts, such as those that are created upon your passing, may still have to go through the probate court. Each type of trust has its own benefits, and you’ll have to evaluate your unique circumstances to make the best decision. In either case, we can help you form the trust that you want to place your assets in.

Probate Lawyer in Tarrant County

Colleyville TX Probate Lawyer

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In sum, a probate lawyer is available to help you navigate through any legal issues pertaining to the assets of the deceased. You may be the executor named in the will to preside over the assets before they can be distributed. Or you may contest the will. In either case, you won’t want to try to confront the complicated probate court regulations alone. Instead, call The Fetty Firm.

The Fetty Firm offers family legal services that cover the entire lifespan of anyone in your family. From adoption cases to finalizing a medical power of attorney, our board-certified attorney can help your family through any legal matters. Rashelle Fetty has handled cases for North Texas families since finishing law school. She has years of experience practicing law and prioritizes client relationships. The Fetty Firm’s practice areas include:

When you want the strength of a large firm with the personalized assistance of a small firm, call The Fetty Firm. If you need the assistance of a Colleyville TX Probate Lawyer, call us today at (214) 546-5746 or use our online form.

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