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Texas Best Family Law Attorney

If you are currently online searching for Colleyville Texas Best Family Law Attorney, then you’ll definitely love the services that The Fetty Firm, PC has to offer. With over ten years of experience, our sole attorney, Rashelle Fetty, has the experience necessary to assist clients in Texas family law cases such as spousal support, divorce cases, estate planning, child custody, and child support. Rashelle has helped countless clients throughout Tarrant County and has no plans on slowing down. In addition to our vast experience and knowledge, our commitment to excellence will ensure that you receive legal representation that adheres to the highest standards in the field.

When dealing with family law issues, you should never compromise on the quality of legal representation you acquire. Instead, opt for the vast experience and true dedication of Rashelle Fetty and The Fetty Firm. Our law office has helped resolved so many family law matters, that we are extremely confident in our ability to help you get the best resolution for your particular case. We believe that with personalized attention and close attention to detail, we can find the most comprehensive settlement for your case. If you live in Colleyville, TX, and are looking for a quality law firm, you should definitely reach out to The Fetty Firm. We can’t wait to meet you personally in order to find the best method for resolving your particular case.

Colleyville Texas Best Family Law Attorney

Colleyville Texas Best Family Law Attorney

About Our Family Law Attorney

When it comes to family legal cases, experience really does matter. Fortunately for you, Rashelle Fetty has vast experience in all things family law. Rashelle is both the sole attorney and owner of The Fetty Firm, PC. She specializes in Colleyville family law. Rashelle grew up in Enid, Oklahoma, and attended Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. While at ODU, Rashelle completed her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice while also being a part of the school’s NCAA Division 1 women’s golf team. Ms. Fetty started began furthering her studies at Regent University School of Law in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She finished her educational career at Texas Wesleyan School of Law (now named Texas A&M School of Law) in Fort Worth, Texas. And in 2013, Rashelle passed the Texas Bar Exam, following the accomplishment by starting The Fetty Firm shortly after.

In terms of experience, Ms. Fetty has been working in the legal field for over ten years and has a vast knowledge of all things regarding family law. Her practice areas in family law matters are focused on estate planning and probate, which includes divorce, child custody, child support, modification of family law orders, and related cases. Above all, the Fetty Firm is an excellent choice for clients in a wide range of situations and with wide-ranging types of legal needs in Colleyville, such as spousal and child support and custody issues. Here at The Fetty Firm, we pride ourselves in providing big firm results with the personal and caring touch of a small firm. When you choose us, you’re betting on experience, dedication, and a true commitment to excellence.

What to Expect from Our Colleyville Texas Best Family Law Attorney

Family law cases can be very sensitive and stressful. As such, it is important that choose the right Colleyville family law and divorce attorney so they can genuinely understand your situation and how to help.

Family law services

Top-Rated Family Law Attorney

Thanks to our small-sized firm, we are able to provide individual, attentive, and supportive attention from our top-rated attorney Rashelle Fetty. Even more, we’ll use our experience and vast knowledge to help you get the best results possible. We know how important it is to do the right thing when it comes to cases involving family. The Fetty Firm is here to provide compassionate, skillful, and dedicated legal services from a truly committed Colleyville family law and divorce attorney dealing with the following issues:

Adoption Cases

Adopting a child is a great and beautiful way of beginning a family. By doing so, you are ensuring that a child is able to grow and learn in a loving and safe home. However, the adoption process can be both complex and stressing. Generally speaking, you should acquire the services of an experienced adoption attorney that will help you protect your rights and also guide you to a successful resolution.

Rashelle Fetty is an experienced Colleyville attorney who has helped clients in protecting their adoption and parental rights, guiding them through the adoption process, and much more. Rashelle’s extensive knowledge of Texas Law will prove invaluable when dealing with cases such as:

  • Stepparent adoption
  • Private adoption
  • International adoption
  • Termination of parental rights
  • Unplanned pregnancies
  • An infant or older child adoptions
  • Special needs adoptions

Child Custody

Parents will always look out for their child’s best interest. And as such, we’ll make every effort to provide the best settlement for you and your child. With that being said, you should note that child custody is one of the most challenging aspects of divorce cases.

Child custody cases are very extensive, lengthy, and very stressing at times. In most cases, you should aim to hire a family law attorney with extensive knowledge of Texas laws regarding child custody. With Rashelle Fetty, you’ll acquire the services of a lawyer who understands what you are going through. We know that your decisions are based on the child’s best interest. As such, we’ll do our part in ensuring the protection of the rights of your child and your parental rights. Furthermore, we’ll make sure to keep you well-informed on all your options.

Colleyville TX Family Services

Colleyville TX Family Law Firm

Child Support

Securing their child’s future and well-being is one of the most important aspects of being a parent. In some cases, doing so, we’ll require making sure that child support obligations are being met. As an experienced Colleyville child support lawyer, Ms. Fetty will work diligently to ensure her clients’ child support awards are accurately calculated. Contact us to learn more about what child support cases consist of.

Contact Us Today

If you are ready to get your family law case settled in the best manner possible, contact The Fetty Firm at your earliest convenience. You can reach us by calling (241) 546-5746. Moreover, you can learn more about our family law services by visiting our family law webpage. Furthermore, contact us to learn more about what makes us a Colleyville Texas Best Family Law Attorney.

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