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Colleyville TX Divorce Lawyers Near Me

Are you searching for Colleyville TX Divorce Lawyers Near Me to assist you through your divorce? The Fetty Firm law office can serve as your legal counsel during this stressful time. Marriages sometimes end poorly, with both parties parting from the relationship on bad terms. Unfortunately, some divorce attorneys cause this to happen. Fortunately, the family law attorney at The Fetty Firm believes in seeking a fair settlement for all involved. While you may be tempted to gain the upper hand in a divorce, for whatever reason, settling unfairly is never a wise decision. Particularly if you have children, you’ll need to navigate through the divorce proceedings with care and caution. Regardless of how you feel about your spouse, your children’s feelings are also important. That being said, it’s important that both parents feel secure following a divorce. In an unfortunate circumstance, your child’s lives may depend on it.

At The Fetty Firm, the attorney practices in multiple areas of family law. Instead of hiring a lawyer who only specializes in divorce cases, call us. Our divorce attorney can help you with other law matters pertaining to your family. The easy access to a law firm with such breadth will come in handy when handling your divorce case. For example, if you have children, you’ll want the assistance of an attorney who also knows how to handle child custody and child support cases. If you have an estate that included your former spouse, you’ll appreciate having a lawyer who also handles matters such as estate planning. During this difficult time, you don’t want to be blindsided. The Fetty Firm has you covered in all areas of your family life. We’ll leave no stone unturned. Once the divorce is finalized, you and your ex-spouse will be detached.

Colleyville TX Divorce Lawyers Near Me

Colleyville TX Child Custody Lawyer

Why Do You Need Colleyville TX Divorce Lawyers Near Me?

You can benefit greatly from a local attorney. A divorce lawyer doesn’t just sit by while you and your spouse trade insults back and forth. On the other hand, the job of a divorce attorney isn’t to handle every single interaction you have with your partner. A divorce lawyer is quite flexible and can serve you in whichever capacity you need. From the time you begin to consider marrying your current partner, you can call an attorney. Divorce attorneys don’t just help clients end their marriages. We also make efforts to protect our clients from the negative fallout of a broken marriage. At The Fetty Firm, we can draw up a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. In the event that you get a divorce, the outcome is already outlined. When that is the case, the proceedings can go by much faster.

Divorce lawyers can assist you from the very beginning, with divorce planning. As the proceedings go along, your divorce lawyer will be there to make sure that you get the best outcome. As you can see, a divorce lawyer can benefit you at any stage of your marriage. Considering that nearly half of marriages end in divorce, a prenuptial agreement may be a good investment and give both parties peace of mind. Negotiate terms when the stakes are much lower, and if the worse happens, neither party is subject to the other’s emotions.

Colleyville TX Divorce Lawyers Near Me

Colleyville TX Divorce Lawyers Near Me

Why Call The Fetty Firm?

In particular, The Fetty Firm has a unique ability to solve unique cases that span across several areas of law. This law office works in over ten fields of law. Within each field, we handle cases with various specialized issues. For example, within the sphere of estate planning, The Fetty Firm can create wills, advanced directives, trusts, powers of attorney, designations of guardianship, and more. If you’re concerned that a divorce lawyer won’t be able to handle your complex case or various assets, call our law office.

Divorces with Minor Children Involved

When you have children with your current spouse, it is much more difficult to detach yourself completely. However, The Fetty Firm can help you reach an agreement that the two of you can agree upon in terms of custody and child support. If either party wants to contest either legal issue, we can make your case in court. Like the judge, The Fetty Firm wants what is best is for your child. However, we additionally have an obligation to consider your best interests. We will try to find an agreement that’s best for you and your children, without making unfair demands on your spouse.

Child Custody

The most difficult conflict with divorcing couples is usually the matter of who is going to get custody of the children. Texas courts prefer the joint custody option, in which both parents share custody and visitation of the child. In many cases, this is in everyone’s best interests. However, joint custody is also highly complex. In addition to sharing the physical custody of the child, both parents also share legal custody. That means that both parents have a right to make legal, medical, and educational decisions for the child. You may be able to see how this can quickly become an issue for divorced parents. Fortunately, the Fetty Firm can help you navigate this complex matter. We’ll consider your unique circumstance and outline the best plan of action.

Sometimes, the best plan of action is to have sole custody of your child. However, this is not typically the default option for the divorce courts. Therefore, if you want sole custody, you’ll need a skilled lawyer to make your case. Call The Fetty Firm.

Colleyville TX Divorce Lawyers Near Me

Fair Divorce Attorney in Colleyville

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The Fetty Firm handles various family legal matters, including divorce. The attorney, Rashelle Fetty, has been representing clients in divorce proceedings for clients throughout Tarrant County for over five years. Additionally, Fetty’s other experience with law includes cases dealing with spousal support, termination of parental rights, and more. If you’re looking for Texas attorneys with the power of a large firm and the personal care and attention of a small firm, you’ll want to give Rashelle Fetty a call. Married persons in Dallas counties seeking Colleyville TX Divorce Lawyers Near Me, you should call The Fetty Firm at (214) 546-5746 or get in touch with us online.

Colleyville TX Fun Facts

  • Colleyville was named after a notable civil war veteran.
  • This city got its start as a rural community of farmers.
  • Colleyville is less than 20 miles from Fort Worth.
  • Click here to learn more about Colleyville.