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Colleyville TX Divorce Consultation

Clients who are seeking a Colleyville TX divorce consultation can find one at the Fetty Firm. Rashelle Fetty is experienced in various family law cases. She is a rising divorce lawyer in the state of Texas. Her law firm specializes in family law such as divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, estate planning, and more.

Divorce is common, so you shouldn’t be hard on yourself when you are going through one. If the action turns into a divorce case, then stress can start to pile up. The Fetty Firm is one of the most recognized divorce attorneys in the state of Texas.

In fact, Rashelle Fetty was recognized by Super Lawyers as Rising Star in the state of Texas. This award is only given to the top 2.5% attorneys. Fetty is a family law attorney capable of getting the best ruling possible for your case. Her skills for representing clients is unlike any other divorce lawyer.

Colleyville TX Divorce Consultation

Divorce is a stressful process so get a lawyer that can reduce it.

It is important you have a divorce attorney so you can get a fair ruling. Of course, the fair is relative, so it may not be fair for everyone. However, it will be the best deal you can get. Get in touch with her law office today if you need a divorce lawyer.

The Grounds for Divorce in Colleyville, Texas

50% of United States marriages end in divorce. That is a massive amount of marriages, but it also makes the act very common. The Fetty Firm has worked with a wide range of divorce cases. Divorce cases are unique because they can lead to other types of cases like child custody battles. Of course, those only occur if children are involved. Spousal support could also become an aspect of the case if one spouse cannot stand financially alone.

The Fetty Firm can help clients with any step of a divorce. If you are considering a divorce with your current spouse, then the firm can help you plan the next steps. Rashelle Fetty will help you plan effective divorce planning so you can get through the process as fast as possible. The process should begin with why you are divorcing your spouse.

The state of Texas recognizes a number of different reasons people divorce their spouses. The most common reason people divorce in the state of Texas is called insupportability. This essentially means the marriage is no longer viable. Insupportability is a “no-fault” type of divorce, which means neither spouse is the cause of the divorce.

Now, there are other fault divorce types such as adultery, abandonment, three years of confinement for incurable insanity, felony conviction and imprisonment of more than a year, or inhumane treatment. Regardless of the reason for your divorce, the Fetty firm will help you through the complex and stressful problem.

Divorce cases can last for a few months or a few years. It is extremely important you get a professional to help you maneuver through the process of a divorce case. The Fetty Firm strives to obtain the goals of the client with the least amount of stress as possible.

Spousal Support

Spousal support is also known as alimony. This form of support comes into play when one spouse cannot afford to live on their own or lacks the property to do so. The financially stable spouse will then provide assistance to the other until they are stable. The petitioning spouse must bring this up in a case in order for the court to consider it; otherwise, they would not know. If you are petitioning support or you are providing the support, get in touch with the Fetty Firm.

Colleyville TX Divorce Consultation

The court may rule in favor of spousal support if certain criteria are met.

The Fetty Firm works with all aspects of a case. Before a person can petition for spousal support, they must fit into the following circumstances:

  • The spouse is convicted of committing an act of family violence against the other or their child during the proceeding or within two years of filing the divorce
  • Petitioning spouse has a physical or mental disability preventing them from supporting themself
  • The petitioning spouse is unable to earn enough income to provide for basic needs, and the marriage lasted for ten years or more
  • The petitioning spouse has custody of a child from the marriage and required special care due to a mental or physical disability and cannot provide enough income

The Complexity of Spousal Support

Colleyville TX Divorce Consultation

Divorce can lead to many different types of cases such as child custody cases.

If there is no conviction for family violence, then the court will begin to rule out spousal support. So, you will need an experienced and skilled lawyer on your side. The Fetty Firm has a team dedicated to providing the support you need to win the ruling. If spousal support is considered, then there are a number of factors that the court will look at. You can see a list of factors below.

  • Financial resources at the time of divorce
  • Educational and employment skills of each spouse
  • Marriage length
  • Petitioner’s age, employment history, ability to earn, physical and emotional health
  • Excessive spending of community property funds
  • Destruction, concealment, or fraudulent disposal of joint property
  • The petitioner’s contribution to the education, training, or earning ability of the other spouse
  • Family violence history
  • Adultery or abuse
  • Property each spouse brought into the marriage

These features will help determine the length and amount of spousal support. Support can last from five years to ten years. Of course, it all varies on the length of the marriage and the other factors.

Colleyville TX Divorce Consultation

If you want a Colleyville TX divorce consultation, then get in touch with the Fetty Firm today. Rashelle Fetty will work closely with you to obtain the goal you want. Divorce cases are complex, so it is important you get the best support possible. So, give the Fetty Firm a call at (214) 546-5746.

Clients should also visit the Fetty Firm family law site to find more information on the types of legal issues it can handle. Rashelle Fetty is an excellent divorce lawyer and will do her best to secure the results you want. So, give her firm a call for a Colleyville TX divorce consultation.

Fun Facts about Colleyville

  • There are 11 parks in Colleyville!
  • Colleyville was renamed in 1914 after Dr. Lilburn Howard Colley, a physician and Union Army veteran who settled there.
  • Colleyville is well known as a high-income area in Texas!
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