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Colleyville TX Child Support Lawyers Near Me

Are you looking for Colleyville TX child support lawyers near me? There can be many different situations that would cause you to need legal attention for child support. Whether you just got a divorce or are experiencing issues with the current way child support is mandated for your circumstances. We want to be able to provide you with the highest degree of service, and in order to do so, you’ll need to know where you stand. That’s why we are writing articles such as this, to inform and keep our readers aware in the event that they are in a similar predicament.

Colleyville TX child support Lawyer

We are proud to be representing clients in legal issues such as spousal support

Your child is important and deserves the fairest treatment with no exceptions. The Fetty Firm will ensure that your child support is managed in the most beneficial way for all parties. Please keep in mind, If you believe that you have a particular question that needs answering, we can provide you with a free consultation to get you the proper information you need.

What Is The Condition Of Your Custody?

Before the situation can be properly assessed, we will have to know a couple of factors that could determine a wide range of issues in the matter. That regards the custody filed in your case. For example, after the divorce proceedings, you can either have the sole custody, joint custody. The payee or receiver of the custody payments will determine what the potential elements of the case are.

All of these options are capable for us to help in. The custodial parent or non-custodial parent can benefit from an attorney at their side. Through the attorney’s help, they can coordinate a deal or redesign the original deal to find a better outcome that sees a proper allocation of income or a fairer rate.

Usually, there are guidelines that citizens in Texas go by to determine what their typical payments may look like. This regards the percent amount of net income that the non-custodial parent is forced to pay. That will cover the child’s medical expenses, recreational resources, and educational expenses. You can find this on our website but we have listed the guidelines below for your convenience:

  • 20% for 1 child
  • 25% for 2 children
  • 30% for 3 children
  • 35% for 4 children
  • 40% for 5 children
  • 40% or more for 6+ children

Areas Where A Colleyville TX Child Support Lawyer Can Help

Getting an attorney for circumstances like these can make the process so much smoother. Simply put, they can make more of an impact and formally ordain certain requirements. They can legally maneuver through some of the issues that you may have been emotionally blocked from dealing with. This can regard a number of issues that are typically related to the relationship between the divorcees.

Colleyville TX Family Court Lawyers Near Me

With years of experience, we can provide you with legal representation for divorce and family law

For example, we can support you if you are under a lawsuit for back child support. A lawyer can represent you and organize a plan that will see a harsher penalty inflicted upon you. Additionally, they can establish a precedent or make modifications that ensure you get a more just financial decision. Sometimes the child support is too high to pay and you can be penalized for not being able to afford the payment. This is something that our lawyers can certainly help you with.

Other circumstances involve the opposite side of the spectrum. If you are in need of enforcing the child support payments, the lawyer can help by turning it into a legal matter. Your child deserves child support and in some cases, it needs that help to continue living a healthy stable life. If the non-custodial parent refuses to make payments, a lawyer can bring it to court and officially order payments or set up some sort of assurance that it will be done.

Additionally, getting a lawyer to reorganize or modify your current child support agreement can be a great help. Sometimes common sense is better than the jargon in a court. The guidelines listed above are not obligatory, after all. If you come to terms that see both parties in a beneficial position that helps your child then that agreement can be legally binding with the help of an attorney. This way you are paying what you can and there are no injustices infringing on you or your family.

Mediation & Litigation

These are two very different aspects of the law that an attorney can work with you in. It will depend on the circumstances of your situation and if there is a case to be had. Understanding when you need one or the other can make a big difference in the type of help a lawyer can offer. They can certainly help organize paperwork and documentation, but when it comes to one or the other, it’s essentially a fork in the road.

Mediation is where the two parties are brought into a meeting room to come to a consensus. They are working to find a legal middle ground that sees them both content and the child protected. This is essentially when you will be working to modify your current child support agreement.

Litigation is where you have to actually take legal action. This could occur during a lawsuit or if you are in need of enforcing payment. The effect is different as there will be a move by the lawyer to bring the court into play. Instead of merely working with the two parties, there is a case developed and brought forward.

The difference is drastic so its important to know which option you may need. Once again, a free consultation can help clarify this for you and provide you with all the answers to any questions you have. After getting all of the information in this area of law, you can make an educated decision on how to act moving forward.

Colleyville TX Child Support Lawyer

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