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Colleyville Texas Child Support Lawyers

Do you need Colleyville Texas child support lawyers? We have attorneys at the ready waiting to help you out. Many custody cases end very messy and are often times overwhelming or unfair. There are situations where there needs to be immense restructuring or the costs are simply too high to pay. There are many instances, depending on the custody case, which will determine what our child support lawyers can do for you. The Fetty Firm is going to make sure that we help you create the perfect plan for child support. We will work to get the best prices, schedules, and rights for you to be able to manage your child support in a way that helps all parties.

What Types Of Custody Are There?

Knowing exactly what type of custody you are seeking for your child is the first detail that we will figure out together. In Texas, the proper term for Child Custody is gaining “Conservatorship” over the children. However, it is relatively the same in this respect. When you work with one of our attorneys, it is paramount that you decide exactly how you want the proceedings to go. The Lawyer will fill in the details of the legal process but the importance of knowing just how much you can offer your child and how long you can support them is critical in building a case for you. There are several options that we will go over just to provide a broad understanding of what you’ll be dealing with.

Full Custody

There are two basic forms of custody for the child but they may be subject to major variance. Just depending on the intentions of your divorced or separated partner, there is no way to confirm that both parties will want the same custody. This is due to a number of factors such as resources, or background history that may affect their ability to raise a child. If these are any of your concerns you can speak with an attorney to draw up the documents and build a case that will detail all of the facts. When you’re looking to gain full custody, this would essentially entail that the parent would gain complete parental control over their child and the other parent would not be allowed to participate any further as a parent. They will not have access and depending on the visitation rights they may not even allow a parent to see them.

Shared Custody

As for a shared custody case, these can be mutable and are very mercurial. In a lot of cases, one of the parents is given a dominant role. Even if they are not given a large role in custody they are still forced to pay various monthly fees. Some cases will request a unique personalized form of shared custody where they go into the economics of the two guardians and based on time, resources and a general desire to continue parenting, the court will decide when and for how long you’ll be able to associate or raise your child. These are difficult choices and can affect many lives, this is why we encourage that you seek help from an Attorney.

Visitation Rights

The second stage of the custody battle will regard the amount of time each guardian is allowed to see the child. Depending on the custody, whether it is shared or full, the parents will still be able to visit with their child. Even if the other parent is present. This is all, of course, relative to the case. Some families are not allowed to see the child whatsoever. Those cases in particular usually have a lot of conflict and strife which could endanger a child. Whenever that occurs then visitation rights will be suspended or even restricted entirely. Otherwise, it is usually an agreement made between the two parties that suits both schedules.


What does Child Support Entail?

In the state of  Texas, we call child custody a “conservatorship”. Child custody battles will require the use of the courts. If you and the other parent can agree on a schedule, all that’s left is to approve a written agreement. If you two cannot agree, a family law judge will have to decide the terms.

They will designate one of the parents as the primary conservator, therefore the person who decides the primary residence of the child. There are many factors which help to decide who the primary conservator should be, such as;

  • Who feeds your child
  • Bathes your child
  • Gets the child ready for school
  • Takes or pick up the child from school or daycare
  • Scheduled and attended the child’s doctors appointments
  • Attended school activities
  • Participated in extra-curricular and homework activities
  • Etc.

This may also raise the question of what else matters in a child custody case. See the list below.

  • The child’s desires
  • The physical and emotional needs of the child in both the present and the future
  • The potential danger to the child
  • The respective parental abilities of both parents
  • Stability of the home environment
  • Each parent’s plans for the child’s future
  • Evidence of domestic violence, sexual assault, etc.
  • Whether or not either parent has filed false child abuse reports

Regardless of the court’s decision, the joint parent will be required to pay child support to the primary parent until the child is 18 years of age.

How Do I Contact The Fetty Firm?

Colleyville Texas Child Support Lawyers are here for you now at The Fetty Firm. Family Law matters to us. Our attorney at law have years of experience. We are ready to help with whatever you may need. We will take care of clients in Tarrant County and the surrounding area. You can also visit us on our website and get more information about the other services we provide. We certainly hope to hear from you soon!


  • Colleyville began as a rural community, situated between Big Bear and Little Bear Creek in northeastern Tarrant County.
  • Pleasant Run Baptist Church, organized in 1877, was the first church within what is now Colleyville.
  • Samuel C.H. Witten came to Texas from Missouri in 1854 and established a farm along Little Bear Creek. He eventually founded the community of Colleyville.
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