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North TX Adoption Attorney

Have you been searching online for reliable Colleyville TX Family Court Lawyers Near Me? If so, you won’t have to look much further. The Fetty Firm law office has all the experience and vast knowledge to take care of any legal issues you may be facing. Contact us today and find out why we are one of the leading law firms in the state.

Legal issues regarding family matters can be very messy affairs. Divorces and other family law issues can also be very stressing for everyone involved. Lucky for you, our Colleyville family law and divorce attorney is capable of solving any issues you may be dealing with.

We are a relatively small firm, which is a good thing for several reasons. We can offer individual, personal attention from our family law and divorce attorney Rashelle Fetty. Our experience and knowledge will ensure you get the best results. We understand how important doing the right thing is when it comes to dealing with issues that deal with your family’s future. Our small but effective firm is here when you need skillful, compassionate, and dedicated legal services from a committed attorney.

Colleyville TX Adoption Attorney

We can assist you in child custody cases

Adoption Services

Adopting a child is a beautiful way of forming a family. The act of adopting ensures that a child grows and thrives in a loving, stable, and safe home. The process to adopt can be a very complex one. The best way to go when it comes to adoption is to have the services of an adoption attorney. An adoption attorney will help protect your rights and guide you to a successful resolution.

Rashelle Fetty is a family law attorney with years of experience helping clients through the adoption process. Rashelle has extensive knowledge that will make the process of adopting much easier. The Fetty Firm can assist in many cases including the following:

Private Adoption

The decision between a private (closed) adoption is up to each family. If you desire to adopt a child and want to avoid future contact with their birth parents, we can help. Some families may welcome the idea of a blended family in which a child still regularly interacts with their birth parents. However, this option may prove to be stressful over time. If the birth parents are inconsistent, the child might experience many conflicting emotions. You might have difficulty maintaining boundaries or managing expectations. There have been many successful open adoptions, but we understand that this option isn’t best for everyone.

If you prefer a private adoption, we will handle the paperwork and outline the guidelines for both parties. Without the assistance of an attorney, your adoption and its terms may be considered invalid. You can prevent a major headache and heartache by allowing up to assist you with your private adoption.

Colleyville TX Adoption Attorney

We provide more than good legal advice. We guide you through the adoption process!

International Adoption

When you choose to adopt a child from another country, there are extra steps you must take in order to ensure that the adoption is legal and valid. You may have heard of cases in which celebrities made plans to adopt children who still had willing and loving parents! Your international adoption will be legitimate and fair, with our assistance. We know the guidelines and procedures for these sometimes-complicated adoptions and are prepared to help you bring a new child into your home.

Termination of parental rights

In some cases, a living parent must relinquish their right to parent and care for their child. These cases can be difficult to navigate, both emotionally and legally. By the time a parent has decided, or someone else has decided for them, that their parental rights must be terminated, a lawyer must step in. Otherwise, a parent may still be expected to care and provide for a child they have no access to. Additionally, the new guardian can face legal consequences if the birth parent changes their mind and no legal validation is in place. Parental rights cases are another instance in which professional help can make a huge difference.

And much more!

Our law firm also assists with many more adoption processes, including special needs and stepparent adoption. If you have any questions related to adoption or want to put your child up for adoption, call The Fetty Firm.

Colleyville TX Adoption Attorney

We help with family law matters in Colleyville

Adoption Guidelines

The minimum age limit for a prospective adoptive parent is 21 years old. The adoptive parents must also be financially stable and have a stable living environment. Households are subject to a home study. The home study includes a home inspection, background check, financial screening, and an evaluation of parenting skills.

The Fetty Firm handles domestic, international, and private adoptions. If you are thinking about starting the adoption process, you will need a local attorney with knowledge and experience. Contact The Fetty Firm and Rashelle Fetty today.

Child Support Services

Child support cases can be very tedious and messy affairs. Securing your child’s well-being and future is extremely important. This will involve making sure that child support obligations are met. Rashelle Fetty is an experienced child support lawyer. She works with her clients to ensure the correct calculations of child support awards. Rashelle works diligently to ensure that child support orders are properly applied. We will serve your needs to the best of our ability, regardless of you being the receiver or the one paying child support.

Texas Guidelines for Child Support

In Texas, there are usually caps on child support amounts. The caps are referred to as guidelines. In a typical guideline support order, the parent will pay:

  • 20% of net income for one child
  • 25% for two children
  • 30% for three children
  • 35% for four children
  • 40% for five children
  • 40% or more for six or more children

The paying parent is responsible for child support until the child is 18 years old, or when the child graduates high school. These guidelines are just guidelines. If the parents come to an arrangement, then that arrangement will be put in place. We can help create an arrangement.

Colleyville TX Adoption Attorney

Colleyville Adoption Attorney, Estate Planning

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Adopting a child requires a great amount of paperwork and has many strict rules and procedures. Any type of mistake during the process can result in the adoption being declared invalid. The Fetty Firm will work diligently towards avoiding any missteps in the adoption process. Rashelle Fetty is an experienced attorney with years of experience representing clients. She pays close attention to all the details involved in the adoption process. The Fetty Firm will do everything in our power to avoid any roadblocks.

Call our law firm today at (214) 546-5747 or contact us online to get started with your new adoption process. When you need to establish the legitimacy of an adoption, you need a qualified Colleyville TX Adoption Attorney. You need The Fetty Firm.

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